The team reaches Chandigarh on 29th April!

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Any community thrives when disciplined by its own code of law and that
of ethical conduct. And the brotherhood of bikers is no less a community
in any sense of the word. There exist laws that allow disciplined sharing
of common resources like roads with other users. But the community
lacks a comprehensive code of ethical conduct based on universal
agreement, a model code that exemplifies the perfect rider and shows
the path to every aspiring or practicing motorcyclist to strive to become one.
The Grand Indian Road-Trip team shall seed the beginning of such a Biker Code of Conduct and seeks your contribution in developing one. At each city where the GIR team has a G2G with fellow bikers, they shall distribute sheets of paper wherein each biker puts in one or two aspects of what makes for an ethical, responsible, considerate and passionate biker. The paper, with the writer’s identity, shall be folded and put into a collection box. Those unable to be physically present at any of the meets can send in their contributions through the Grand Indian Road Trip’s website. Appropriate and meaningful entries shall be selected from the collection and go into the content of a model Biker’s Code of Conduct. The chosen entries shall win prizes/gift vouchers.