The team reaches Chandigarh on 29th April!

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Wearing of helmets while riding a two-wheeler is mandatory across the country by law. Though ideally there should not be a real need to enforce such a measure of individual safety by legal and administrative means. Helmets save lives. This has been indisputably proven and agreed upon world-wide. And yet we find innumerable riders riding around without one on their head. It is a sad and disturbing fact. During the Grand Indian Road-Trip, the Xbhp team shall be meeting up with scores of fellow motorcyclists and different riding clubs. At each city where such a meet takes place, the GIR team will have a helmet which shall be signed upon by the gathered bikers. Each signature shall be a reiteration of the pledge that the rider promises to always wear a helmet while riding any two-wheeler for any distance. The helmets thus collected from across the country shall be displayed at the final press-conference when the ride ends and shall be a collective statement of a promise of safe riding by riders country-wide.