The team reaches Chandigarh on 29th April!

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xBhp’s Grand Indian Road Trip 2012 stands for Unity and Safety in motorcycling. The ride shall connect not just individual bikers but also motorcycling clubs and groups with each other across the nation. The GIR Team will connect with motorcycling clubs/groups both during the Fix n Flick Garage meets and also to ride together on a fine weekend morning. The United Motorcyclists’ Jacket of India is a collectible momento of this unity amongst motorcycling clubs/groups across the country. It is a visible and tangible symbol of solidarity, of a common pledge taken towards practicing and promoting motorcycling as a safe, positive and fun activity. This jacket shall have the logo’s of all clubs who meet up with the GIR team and shall be presented to the club/group at the end of the Grand Indian Roadtrip 2012.