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A audio-visual collage of answers to a single question – Why do you ride motorcycles?. This happens during biker meets at different cities that the Grand Indian Road trip team rides through. The bikers at the meet are asked to give short one or two word answers to the above question in camera. The answers thus recorded shall be suitably edited at the end of the ride and a video collage created out of this edited footage. The best, wittiest, most meaningful and punchiest of the answers shall be awarded cans of Castrol Power 1 Racing oil.
You are welcome to send in your own videos on this theme. Make a 30 second clip stating your 'reason to ride' making sure your voice is clearly audible as you speak. Upload the video here and you could end up getting rewarded if your clip gets used in the final video collage.

  • The video should not be of more then 30 seconds.
  • Upload your video on Youtube & send us the direct url/link of The video (only the videos uploaded on youtube will be accepted)
  • The video should not be shaky.
  • The video should not be too dark and should be easily visible.
  • The minimum video resolution should be 640 x 480 pixels.
  • There should not be any unwarranted noise in the background.
  • Use of obscene words or abusive language is strictly prohibited. Video with such content shall be summarily deleted.