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"The Million Mile Rider Team"
A motorcycle ride spread over 8 weeks and spanning some 16,000 kms in a country like ours needs not just riders but pretty special ones at that. And the six riders for the Grand Indian Roadtrip are special. They have a lot in common and yet are as different as they come. From old-timers and veterans like Old Fox, Sunny and Sunil to the ‘apparent newcomers who’ve been around long enough’ Himanshu, Shivanshu and Abhishek, the group collectively hits the million mile mark and beyond. Which is a lot of experience put together and proof enough of talent and ability. Adding to the already considerable photography skills of Sunny aka Motographer is a dedicated full-time veteran videographer Ashish Guliani who shall enable the team not just to take great pictures but also to make astounding videos of this amazing ride. So look out for an awe-inspiring view of the country through the eyes and the minds of motorcyclists.
Better known as Old Fox among bikers, Sandeep Goswami still has an insatiable desire to ride after 25 years and more than 600,000 kms on the road. For someone who straddles two generations of motorcycles and motorcyclists, he remains in the thick of riding and ever eager to share all he has learnt over the years. An endless knowledge bank about motorcycling he fittingly is also the Chief Editorial Advisor of the xBhp magazine. He studied to be an Aeronautical Engineer and worked a while as an Air Traffic Control officer. Meanwhile began writing for some travel magazines and ended up authoring a coffee-table book on Sikhs (The Great Glory - Sikhism. Rupa & Co.). Considered the proverbial insurance for the team against technical or mental failures!
The ‘veteran’ of pan-India rides, Sunil G (31) has enough miles (>200,000 kms) on the road to give a long term trucker good run for his money. He is the quintessential traveler, frugal in needs, calm of demeanor and tough as nails. Over time Sunil G has acquired a deftness with the camera that rivals his skills on two-wheels. And for someone who multi-tasks even in his sleep, juggling between riding, taking pictures and capturing videos is no big deal for him. The man to have around when huge miles on the high road are the order of the day.
Our resident ‘Rambo guy’, Himanshu (27) is a gentleman with biceps. And that fit body has a fitter head on its shoulders. For someone who has been riding since he was 17, he became a ‘serious’ rider on coming into contact with xBhp in 2007. So enamored has he been with the ethos of the community that he has ended up being the man behind selling the xBhp magazine since its inception. A calm rider who is ever eager to learn and get better, Himanshu shall be out on his second country level ride in this Grand Indian Road trip.
Sunny for xBhpians and Motographer as a professional, Sundeep Gajjar(30) is the founder of and the Editor of the xBhp magazine. A man driven by sheer passion for motorcycling and photography, he is restless without his two wheels and the camera. Sunny has motorcycled in numerous countries across the globe and on the best imaginable machinery. His riding exploits can be caught up on A man of vast riding experience and a vision that goes beyond the usual horizon, he is the one who ensures that the Grand Indian Road trip is actually and truly ‘Grand’ in every sense of the word.
Passion, Respect, Faith, Fun & Laughter are what maketh our man-Shivanshu Singh. His motorcycling started when he went to Australia in 1998 and promises to go on and on till the proverbial cows come home. He was born in Lucknow and his father’s transferable jos as an Engineer in Railways, meant frequent postings and so a natural affinity to temporary roots. An IT professional, he has been riding all over the North and has a special liking for the hills. He loves his Yamaha Rx100(1987 model) more than his Yamaha-R15(2010 model). A veteran of almost 300,000 kms on two wheels, his devilish smile and angelic face give no indication of the quiet and tough rider within.
He has been riding a ‘normal’ bike since 10 years now. He has been editing videos for the biggest TV channels in India since half a decade. And now he is on board with the xBhp as the official videographer and editor. His first project will be a grand one - this one!
Abhishek is known for his penchant of riding to lesser known places, especially in the hills. He has a special instinct for routes which are unknown and unvisited. A commerce graduate and an aspiring financial consultant, he has been riding bikes for quite a few years now. With more than 1,50,000 kms on the road, he feels completely at home when astride a bike. He has a flair with the pen and has contributed a few write-ups to notable financial publications. He will soon start with his MBA and then plans to establish his own venture. He believes in the mantra of sane biking which is tantamount to safe and responsible ride. He prefers riding solo most of times but has ridden enough in groups as well. Let's get out. Let's ride !!